Sunday, November 19, 2006

I drove up to hang out with Luke, Kaylee, Josh, Jaimie, Jess, and Noah yesterday, and we had a happy time together. As I usually do, I brought an egg and cheese sandwich for Noah’s breakfast, for which he was extremely thankful. I also brought sandwiches for Jaimie, Jess, and me, and we all savored our meal at the kitchen table as the morning light arrived outside. Noah took his sandwich apart with great care and ate it with delight, one small nibble at a time. Around nine, Luke arrived with Kaylee and Josh, and we all had a joyful few hours together. Josh entertained us with his cheerful spirit – giggling, cooing, and nearly always smiling. We spent a good part of the time outside in the mild autumn air, surrounded by the now bare and solemn-looking trees. We raced around, played games, or just stood and visited as the pleasant breezes passed by. Later, driving back home, I noticed how lovely the various shades of gray were – in the trees, the barns, the houses, even the mostly empty roads. The extravagant colors of October were gone, but there was something special, too, about these unadorned tints of November. It reminded me of the simple pleasures I had experienced in the morning with my family, and the joy they had brought me.

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