Saturday, October 21, 2006

JOURNAL: October 21, 2006

The weather these last three days has ranged from warm to stormy to very windy and – now – cool and colorful. The middle of the week was more like summer than autumn. When I walked outside at school now and then, it felt almost hot – more like beach-walking weather than pre-winter weather. I think I actually wiped perspiration from my forehead a few times in the later afternoon. However, yesterday an intense, saturating rainstorm descended on us and soaked the school campus all day long. I gave an in-class writing assignment to my students, and I hope they weren’t distracted by the sound of the pounding rain coming through the open door to my classroom. Actually, it was a rather soothing sound, so perhaps the kids were comforted and somehow aided by it. Another weather change happened as the storm passed off in the afternoon. Soon breezes began to blow in a cool, blustery way, and by nightfall a wicked wind was tossing the trees every which way. I drove back to school for an evening performance and the landscape had a look of turbulence and hurly-burly. A cold front had come in with a passion, leading to today, one of the clearest and most multicolored autumn days I can recall.

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