Thursday, October 19, 2006

JOURNAL: October 19, 2006

Tonight, as I look back on the day, the idea of readiness comes to mind. I think of the very early morning, when I arose from bed at 3:30 (my usual time) to begin my preparations for the day. At that very early hour, I was completely ready to awaken and get down to work. In fact, I was anxious to start the day because I knew that interesting things were in store for me. I also noticed a sense of readiness at school, on the part of at least some of my students. A few of them, I think, were actually looking forward to English class. I don’t think I could say they were dying to get to my class, but I think there was a keen interest in some of them to hustle down to my room and see how well they could perform. As a final point, I, too, felt a buzz of spirited eagerness today. I always enjoy teaching, but today I felt unusually ardent about my work. When one class ended, I was impatient for the next one to start. The day seemed always ready for action, and I was thrilled to be there to take part.

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