Thursday, July 06, 2006

MEDITATION: "Thy Will Be Done"

Today I would like to keep in mind some of Jesus’ most powerful words: Thy will be done. When his suffering was at its height, Jesus was somehow able to remember that the boundless and eternal Universe (which he and other Jews called Yahweh) is in complete control of everything, and that the will of the Universe, not of any individual person, is always carried out. Just at the point when he was probably severely tempted to try to control everything and just get rid of this suffering, he completely gave up control. He yielded. He stepped out of the way and “gave in” to the vast power of Yawheh, the Universe, Allah, the Tao, Presence, God. It must have been a relief to him, actually. I know what it’s like to carry the burden of trying to control every little thing, and to finally set that burden down must bring a great feeling of liberation. Jesus must have felt almost light-hearted after going through the healing process of yielding. Perhaps he realized that, like a wave in the ocean, he had no choice but to relax and allow the vast power underneath and around him to take care of things. Maybe he saw himself as being like a breeze in a forest. A breeze that rustles a few leaves on a particular tree at a specific time on a certain day is not a separate, isolated breeze that is doing the blowing all by itself. Rather, it is part of a vast system of winds that moves, in one way or another, throughout the entire universe. The breeze does what it has to – what the system of winds wills it to do. Today I want to be like a breeze. I want to lighten up, let go, calm down, and just enjoy doing what the great Wind (God) decides I should do.

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