Friday, July 07, 2006

JOURNAL: July 7. 2006

Yesterday I enjoyed watching a stage of the Tour de France. Since my digital cable box was finally working, I was able to enjoy the sights and excitement of this wonderful bicycle race. I think, as much as anything, I love seeing the scenery as the riders pass through the countryside. These flat stages of the 23-day race can become slightly boring, but the panorama is always rewarding as they charge through old-world villages or cruise through miles of verdant farmland.

I also spent some time at the mall yesterday. That is not normally an enjoyable pastime for me, but I’m in need of some additional clothing for hiking, so I spent an hour or so browsing in a particularly good store. I did manage to make some worthwhile purchases (several “wicking” shirts on sale and two pairs of fast-drying socks), and, when I left the mall, I felt like it had been a surprisingly satisfying experience.

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