Monday, July 31, 2006

JOURNAL: July 31, 2006

Yesterday I drove back up to Jaimie’s to retrieve my cell phone, and spent an hour or so hanging around with him and little Noah. Jaimie was cleaning his car, so Noah and I had fun being assistant car cleaners. Noah was resourceful and business-like as he rubbed a cloth along the dashboard and on the outside of the car. We also had fun washing the car, with me doing the actual washing and the little guy spraying the suds off with the hose. Later, I enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home, reading a few chapters in Dombey and Son and watching a little soccer on TV. I also made a major discovery: my own poems. I hadn’t read any of my poems in several months, so I decided to open one of the big binders and take a look at them. Well, it wasn’t long before I was completely engrossed – and, I must admit, impressed. Most of the poems seemed like good ones to me – musical, strong, and somewhat uncommon. I sat for perhaps thirty minutes appreciating these small poems from the last few years.

Very big news: My son Matt has been hired by an excellent local school district to teach a 3rd grade class! We are all completely thrilled and grateful.

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