Sunday, July 30, 2006

JOURNAL: July 30, 2006

Yesterday I got back to my routine of walking in the park, but this time I did it in the early morning when the air felt cool and fresh. (The temperature rose to 90 later in the day.) It was a stimulating forty minutes of exercise – legs pumping, lungs functioning energetically, and heart doing its best work. Before many minutes had passed, my shirt was soaked with sweat, a sure sign that something good was happening. Feeling full of accomplishment, I actually cut the workout a bit short and walked quietly home with a smile. Later, I drove out to the mall just to wander around and see what the stores had to offer. The best part of the trip, actually, was the good meditation I was able to do as I drove. I worked with a particular idea during the entire trip, and by the time I reached the mall, some clear understandings had come to me. The only thing I bought at the mall was a closet organizer for my sweaters, something I’ve needed for a long time. I brought it home and immediately hung it up and carefully placed my sweaters in it. It looks perfect, I think, as it hangs there smartly among the other clothes. I wonder why I didn’t buy one long ago.

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