Friday, July 14, 2006

JOURNAL: July 14, 2006

We’ve had a rainy few days – rumblings in the dark clouds off and on, constant moisture in the air, and showers every few hours. I’ve managed to make good use of the time, however. Each day I’ve taken excellent walks on the hills near my house, and my indoor time has been spent reading, watching the Tour de France, and slowly getting things ready Annie and Gabe’s visit. This morning, as I write this, I hear cars passing on the street, and there’s no sound of splashing, so perhaps the rain clouds have blown away. I am proud of myself, though, for not letting the stormy weather interfere with my workout schedule. Yesterday, in fact, I walked for nearly an hour, up and down the steep hills in the north end of town, and all the while a fairly steady rain was falling. I felt wonderful, actually. As the rain got stronger, I seemed to get stronger. I was wearing my quick-dry shirts and pants, so the rain hardly seemed to affect me. It was like I was part of the storm, blowing up and down the hills along with the rain.

My son Matt has had a very exciting and fulfilling week. He’s been interviewing for a teaching job in a local school district, and I think the process has done wonders for his confidence, both as an interviewee and as a future teacher. He now knows, beyond a doubt, that be belongs in a classroom – and will be there before too long.

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