Wednesday, July 12, 2006

JOURNAL: July 12, 2006

Yesterday was breezy and cool, an agreeable day for just about anything. I spent part of it listening to a wonderful audio recording of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which I will be teaching next year for the first time. It’s a delightfully raucous yet sentimental and meaningful play, filled with lots of laughter and not a little wisdom. I’ve enjoyed the recording so much that I’m considering playing it for the students as they follow in their books. (We can then go back through the play a second time, discussing the more complicated and important sections.)

In the late afternoon, I put on my new lightweight Kelty daypack and trudged up and down the hills in my neighborhood for a full hour. It was a satisfying workout in every way. I saw parts of my town I had never noticed before, I gave my legs and heart a spirited workout, and I also did some pointed and helpful thinking as I walked. I ended up at the park, observing a rehearsal of the upcoming performance of Romeo and Juliet. (See picture.) I sat on the hillside swigging huge amounts of water and watching the scenes unfold.

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