Friday, August 23, 2013


I saw many kinds of excitement on this summer day. First, there was the excitement of seemingly dozens of goldfinches fluttering around our feeders before breakfast. I’m sure they were simply going about their regular and relatively lackluster eating routines, but there did seem to be a special passion in their rushes and dashes back and forth. They seemed somehow delighted with their flits and flutters, pleased to be pecking at seeds-for-the-taking, almost gleeful to get so much from one backyard. This was followed by the subdued and sweet-tempered excitement of two silver-haired retirees sharing breakfast together. It was simply omelets and toast and tasty coffee, but it caused a soft explosion of exhilaration inside each of them. They were lucky to live with each other, and lucky to like omelets together -- and this simple thought thrilled them. Then, after breakfast, these two tried-and-tested old timers took to the lovely roads of Stonington on their bikes, pedaling with pure joy, and joining forces to show old roads what old riders can do. No one will believe me when I say I saw trees shaking with praise as we passed and hummingbirds having a hard time keeping up with us. No one will trust me when I talk of taking hills as easily as straightaways, and finding valleys full of breezes at our backs. It was a ride full of senior-citizen excitement on a day when even omelets made two old folks flutter with pleasure.

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