Monday, July 01, 2013


(written at
The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,
R+R with Delycia)

"Dance Party", charcoal,
by Connie Chadwell
         I injured my shoulder a few days ago (playing kickball with my grandchildren), but today for an hour around noon there was no pain and no problem, for I was dancing with absolute rowdiness with Delycia and a few dozen other upstart, audacious dancers.  This was the famous “Noon Dance” at Kripalu – 60 minutes of madness and freedom and forgetfulness of troubles for one and all. We were led by a warmhearted teacher who taught us, slowly and easily, to simply let go and take pleasure in our ability to move. Before too many minutes had passed, we were prancing and swaying here and there, throwing ourselves around among strangers of all shapes and ages. I swirled past people who, perhaps, were suffering from secret griefs of all kinds, and yet only smiles could be seen. Overweight or willowy, we forgot our sorrows and sore shoulders and lost ourselves, for an hour or so, in the joy of jumping and skipping like blissful dancers.

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