Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"Earth and Sky", oil,
by Robin Weiss
     As I’m writing this, I’m sitting under a ceiling fan set in place years ago by skilled carpenters, under a roof fabricated from good wood and long-lasting shingles, under a sky as strong and endless as it was billions of years ago. It’s a sweltering afternoon, but I’m lucky to be living in a house where I can stand under a shower that flows freely with refreshing water. Outside, I can sit under shade trees that screen me from the sunshine, or under an umbrella that sways in restful ways in breezes. Under me, now and always, is the well-built and reliable earth, and under and around the earth is the universe itself, so sure of its strength and wisdom, so able to stay under and beside us all, assisting, inspiring, raising us up.

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