Monday, July 08, 2013


(after seeing Richard II with Delycia at Shakespeare and Company, Lenox, MA)

     I wonder why I don’t applaud more often for the great and small things in life – the large and little miracles that make up almost every moment of my days. I let so many marvels slip by me with barely a notice, and certainly no applause. I don’t mean I should be constantly clapping my hands, but surely I could send out at least silent praises more frequently for the gifts I get from the world. I’m thinking of this today because yesterday Delycia and I saw an absolutely astonishing performance of Richard II, but at the end, the applause was strangely faint and fleeting. Within a few seconds, the clapping stopped and the audience started for the exits. This amazed me, but perhaps it shouldn’t have, for I sometimes show a similar lack of appreciation for special performances. This morning, for instance, the fountain beside the pool where we’re staying is flowing beautifully, doing a small performance of curious loveliness, but I’ve hardly noticed it. A brightly colored beach ball is floating along the surface of the pool in silent rolls and turns, and the sweet songs of two birds are sailing from two trees, but I’ve been too busy to listen. They’re just more small, unnoticed miracles in my life that’s overflowing with them, like the theater yesterday that spilled over with the wisdom and elegance of Shakespeare done perfectly, but was almost empty of applause and appreciation.  

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