Wednesday, June 12, 2013


"Who's the Teacher?", oil,
by Debbie Grayson Lincoln

When I was teaching teenagers, I gave quick quizzes occasionally, as a way of keeping the kids watchful, and in these first days of retirement, a learned and high-level teacher called Life has given me some off-the-cuff quizzes. Here are a few of the questions, with answers:

·      * How do birds sing so beautifully? (They believe they can.)
·      * What’s the meaning of the steadily streaming cars on the nearby interstate? (Nothing truly stands still, ever.)
·      * What good can storms do? (Blow dead thoughts out and fresh ones in.)
·      * Where can I find wisdom? (Here, now, always.)
·      * What’s the most perfect moment of all? (This one.)
     I’m feeling lucky to be learning from such a talented teacher. With all my free time now, some serious seminars and lectures lie ahead

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