Tuesday, June 18, 2013


"Yellow Pine Warbler at the Feeder",
oil, by Elizabeth Blaylock
     Delycia and I have signed up for several one-to-one tutorial sessions at the Apple Store, and I’ve decided I could use other kinds of similar learning sessions. One-to-one with a technology teacher can teach me much, but so, for instance, could a private class with the comforting winds that often flow through our backyard. I can see myself sitting in the shade and letting the wind whisper whatever it wants to me, just teaching me a little about taking it easy and going wherever it’s easiest to go. It could show me how to sometimes simply stop and be still, and then restart with ease and gracefulness. I could also sit close to our bird feeders and just be mindful of, and learn from, the charming motions of the birds during their meals. They move in a million different ways, usually fast and restlessly, but sometimes with flawless smoothness, and I could learn from this – learn to love moving with both liveliness and gentleness, and forever with composure, like the finches, who flit and flutter, but always with assured serenity. I could just sit near the birds and stare and listen and learn, one-to-one with these fluffy and skillful teachers.   

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