Friday, June 21, 2013


"Good to Go", acrylic,
by George Lockwood
    Recently, when Delycia was sharing some suggestions about placement of our new patio furniture, she said I shouldn’t take her too seriously, because she was just “blue skying”. When I asked her to explain, she said when there’s a blue sky, airplane pilots are free to follow their whims and wander wherever they wish, just like she was letting her thoughts do. When you “blue sky”, she seemed to be saying, you sort of think – and live – without laws, at least for a while. As I’ve thought about it since then, it seems a good way to live – to sometimes let your life lift off the landing strip, so to speak, and be on the loose, like a plane in a sunny sky. Thoughts, especially, should be sometimes set free to veer and swerve and stray in this direction or that, as Delycia was doing so delightfully. In a way, life brings blue skies to us constantly, if only we could notice. Most of the limitations we live by are built by our own beliefs, and once we see this, the sky of our life can clear and we can chart our own course. In a sky or life that’s blue, the barriers are down and we can dare to be brave, both with ideas for furniture and directions for our life.     

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