Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It’s amazing to me how many “wells of water” 
fail to notice – I mean, how many outpourings and  overflowings of thoughtfulness I sometimes overlook as I single-mindedly pursue my personal agendas. Delycia and I are given the gift of good water from our backyard well, but I’m also given another kind of gift again and again, the gift of brimful friendliness – and I don’t always notice or appreciate it. Just yesterday, I spoke to a man on the phone about some confusing issues concerning insurance, and, as I think back on it, he offered his helpfulness in an altogether generous way. He good-naturedly gave me the gift of his expertise, stopping several times to make sure I understood. As we were finishing our conversation, he even offered to come to our house for a conference to further explain things. This man was an ungrudging giver, a spilling-over source of advice and reassurance – but did I hang up and praise his work to my wife? Nope – just checked off another job on the agenda. This morning, though, as I was washing the breakfast dishes and watching the water flow from the faucet with abundance, I thought again of this man’s gracious goodwill yesterday, and I smiled in thankfulness.

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