Friday, May 10, 2013


"Big Sky", oil,  by Jason Tako

     Living in a light-hearted way would be a good goal for me. To have a heart – an inner spirit, a manner, a mind-set – as light as the spring winds that wander among my wife’s unfolding flowers these days would be something special. There’s too much heaviness in the world – too many burdens brought on by our countless cares and concerns – and I want to lessen the weight. I want to lay my load down and dance a little. I want to learn from the lightness that’s all around me – from the sunlight that always floats and never forces or pushes, from the breezes that seem as carefree as hopeful thoughts, from the occasional single clouds that hover above us as if they’re satisfied with the way things are. 
     There’s bending under burdens, and then there’s sailing with buoyancy and good spirits – and I now choose the latter.         

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