Thursday, May 23, 2013


"Football", oil, by Hall Groat II

For most of my life, I used the old “stiff arm” strategy from my football days to push away what I saw as problems, but these days some occasional twists and pivots seem to be working just as well. Instead of shoving aside my so-called problems, I’m seeing that I can usually swirl around them with something like a smile. Instead of shoves and thrusts, I’ve been using more spins and whirls, more loose and limber dancing as a way of passing by my problems. It seems, in these first years of my 70’s, that life is a lot more like a dance than a dispute. There’s more billowing in it than forcing and thrusting. It’s not that I ignore the usual difficulties of life, just that I roll with them rather than ram against them. I flow a lot more than I force. I almost hear the cheers in the stands as I swivel past all these amateurish, incompetent problems.

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