Wednesday, April 10, 2013


"Incoming Winds", acrylic, by Tim Gagnon
     When I'm speaking casually, quickly,  and perhaps a little carelessly with friends,  it sometimes seems like I’m just wasting words , but when I recall how the wind works, I usually relax and listen with pleasure as the words work their way among us. Just as the wind blows back and forth and here and there with full freedom, all its movements making something special happen, even if I don’t notice it, perhaps all my words do some sort of important duties in their secret ways. Perhaps I should always speak with a certain enthusiasm, simply because I’m sending out the good powers of thoughts, like the wind lets loose its helpful forces across the earth. The wind never makes a mistake as it makes its way among us, and maybe our words, as long as they’re spoken sincerely and without spite, always stir up something useful for our lives. It could be that I should share my words more cheerfully and freely, sending them forth with a kind of confident enthusiasm, simply throwing my thoughts out like seeds to see what springs up. Perhaps I should speak like the wind works, with flexibility, free rein, and some type of gracefulness -- a force, one way or another, for good.    

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