Monday, April 08, 2013


"Mighty Mississippi", oil, by Kristin Grevich

The most important question anyone needs to answer is “What is life?” – and I am lucky enough to gradually be learning the answer. First, I’m learning what life is not. It’s not anything connected to matter -- not our bodies or big cars or vacations or varieties of things we can purchase and own. Stated differently, life is not what I always thought it was – a force that somehow arises out of material objects to overshadow everything. No, life, I’m slowly seeing, is actually the direct opposite of matter. It’s the limitless force that comes from thoughts instead of things – the mental, or spiritual, energy that’s at work in its calm and compelling way for all the 86,000 moments in every 24-hour day. Wherever I am today, whatever situation I may find myself in, my “life” will always be what is always is -- a constant current of thoughts. It will be something like a river – say the Mississippi, that wide, deep, and irresistible body of water that has ceaselessly streamed through the Midwest for centuries. At 9:31 am today, or 2:14 pm, or 9:03 pm, “life” will have nothing to do, really, with anything made of matter, but instead will simply be this ever-present river of thoughts. At any given moment, all the energy I feel will be the direct result of the irrepressible and inescapable flow of thoughts -- of the inner spirit, if you will -- a force I’ll be following and learning from forever.     

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