Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yesterday I overheard someone say, “It is good for me to be here”, and I thought, Yes it is – always. There’s always something special, something useful and even shining, in every place and situation, if only I will let myself see it. I suppose some of the distinctiveness derives from the fact that wherever I happen to be is wherever I must be at that particular moment. I can be somewhere else one second from now, but right now – and every right now – it is absolutely necessary for me to be wherever I am. It’s as if each moment is an immaculate and private place prepared just for me – a place where wisdom waits with its gifts. If the place seems sad or scary, wisdom sometimes sets its greatest gifts at the precise center of trouble, and insight can shine brightest inside a disaster. Even if my life seems to be shaking with concerns and sorrow, it is good for me to be there, for I can always find some freedom I’ve never felt before right where I am, right where the universe has placed me at this well-timed and eminent moment.

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