Friday, April 05, 2013


"Shadows of April", oil, by Don Gray

Yesterday, as the dentist was doing some work on my teeth, I studied a hidden-word puzzle on the ceiling, and soon, as the drill droned on, I was thinking of other hidden surprises in my life, the little wonders that wait by the thousands for me to find them. As I thought about it, it began to seem possible that all the moments in a day are made of useful surprises, small shocks that have the power to uplift a life. A day could be compared to a puzzle in which wonders wait beneath the seemingly humdrum happenings. I thought perhaps I could be like a scout searching a wilderness of secret treasures. As the dentist did his work, my day-to-day life started to seem like a stirring escapade, a journey among unseen jewels and gems.
They were just words concealed among letters on the ceiling, but they helped me have a look into the fortune-filled life I’m lucky to be living, even when I'm stretched out in a dentist's chair. 

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