Thursday, March 14, 2013

I taught a fairly successful college class last night, mostly because I made all of us, myself included, do some serious thinking as we read and summarized paragraphs in a James Baldwin essay. He is a sometimes perplexing writer, and all of us had varying difficulties trying to take in his main points and present them in shipshape summaries. It was a good workout for the students (and their professor). I might try to find more time for this kind of in-class mental calisthenics. 
"Breakfast at Don Gaspar", oil,
by Sharman Owings

This morning Delycia and I joined some good friends for breakfast in Stonington Borough -- boiling hot coffee for me and a well-made omelet to share. Then home for some reading aloud of Middlemarch, an hour or so of quiet writing for me, and then some trips to various shops with Delycia to find some new frames for my glasses. 

Music I listened to today:  2nd movement, Beethoven Piano Trio No. 1 in E Flat, Op. 1 No.1

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