Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I have enjoyed my first few days of spring vacation, mostly just making the most of many hours of absolute freedom -- nothing particularly important to do and nowhere to definitely go. It's a gift to be able to spend an entire day with Delycia, sometimes doing things together, and sometimes taking pleasure in simply being in the same place with each other, whether it's at home before the fire with our books or beside the sea in a mostly silent walk.
"From the Sketchbook:
Amish Family, Holmes County. Ohio",
by Robin Weiss

I have several happy plans for my break, and among them is a few reading projects. 
I would like to re-read as much of Walt Whitman as possible -- all of his poems, and perhaps some of his letters and journals. Also, I hope to read all of Gerard Manley Hopkins again, including his letters, and perhaps Paradise Lost once again. Finally, I hope to get out my sketch pad and pencils and do some easy and soothing sketching.

Music I listened to today on my new Bose: Beethoven, Piano Trio No. 1 in E Flat, Op. 1 No.1

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