Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cold and windy weather the last few days, good days for finding things to do inside. Each day when I arrived home from school, Delycia seemed almost out of breath from working on different indoor projects – washing walls, cleaning carpets, sorting out our budgets. She’s a hard-working wonder who can’t wait to get outside with her gardens.

We saw a strangely superb movie on Tuesday – the French film, Amour, about an elderly couple dealing with the wife’s terminal illness. It was a sad but stirring film, one we won’t soon (maybe ever) forget. Oddly, one of the previews before the film was for the upcoming summer blockbuster based on the novel The Great Gatsby, which, from the previews, looks to be utterly long-winded and superficial, the exact opposite of Amour. The film was delicate, distressing, and so real that we felt like we were truly watching two people prepare for their sad end. We left the theater in astonished silence.

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