Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Geri, egg-and-broccoli, and Middlemarch

      Delycia and I drove up to Newton, MA, yesterday to see our good friend Geri. It was a fun ride, as usual, even on the crowded interstates at rush hour. Delycia drove up and we talked and I sometimes read on my iPad, and then I drove home in the frozen darkness on fairly free-of-traffic streets.
      Up early this morning as usual, writing and then riding the trainer bike at 5:00 a.m., then an egg-and-broccoli sandwich with bone-suckin’ mustard sauce and sweet-tasting coffee. We continued our ritual of reading five minutes in Middlemarcheach morning, at the point in the story where Dorothea is starting, perhaps, to use her wings and discover who she really is.
     School was as serene and satisfying as ever, on this day that leaves only about 70 left in my teaching career. The career will come to an end, but the satisfactions and accomplishments and recollections won’t.

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