Saturday, February 23, 2013


    How many times in my life have I said something like, “What do I do?”, meaning “How in the world can I work my way out of this terrible situation?” -- and this morning an amazing answer comes to me: Relax. Let the Universe do the work. That may sound silly and a little reckless, but isn’t the Universe always doing astonishing things to keep me safe, and isn’t it sensible to entrust all my rescues to a power that prepares startling sunrises and sunsets day after day? Shouldn’t I say to the Universe, “You make mighty storms and the sunshine that sends us life each day, so I’m sure you can take care of this problem I’m having.”? I don’t mean that I should literally do nothing about a problem, just that I should see any so-called “personal” actions as the actions, in fact, of the impressive, everlasting Universe I’m part of. A breeze bending a branch on a single tree is a small but inseparable part of the weather forces of the whole planet, and my private actions -- and all of ours -- are part of the steadfast and streamlined work of the whole universe. When faced with a challenging situation, I should do something about it, yes, but only the way breezes do something about making branches bend and sunshine does something about bringing flowers to bloom -- with ease and gracefulness. I should give my attention to a problem, not by sighing and tensing up, but by seeing the problem as simply another opportunity to watch this Universe -- with me included -- do its smooth and skillful work.  

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