Thursday, January 31, 2013


"Overflow", oil on board, by Don Gray

  I often find myself giving in a grumpy way, as if I get only so many gifts myself and can’t afford to give any to others. It’s a strange way to behave, since beautiful favors are given to me with great permissiveness moment by moment, so many that my life seems always overloaded with luck and blessings. I should share what I have the way the sun shares light, unreservedly and steadily. For example, I have thoughts that are endlessly given to me by some stroke of good fortune, and I should find it pure fun to give them away the way winds give away their freshness. Also, feelings are forever flowing into me from somewhere, and they, too, can be shared in an unselfish way. I can furnish others with fun and reassurance and a sense of security, simply because I have so much of them myself. I’m overflowing with good fortune, swarming and bursting with it, so why not parcel it out to other people with cheers?  

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