Monday, January 28, 2013


"Afternoon Breeze", oil, by Ruth Andre
A friend sometimes playfully faults me for changing my mind too often, but the truth is that all of our minds change moment by moment, and we should revel in the fact. A breeze blows in brand new ways each second, and none of us can escape constantly building a brand new thought. Actually, we don’t so much build new thoughts as freely receive them as they sweep into our lives like continuous gifts. Thoughts may sometimes seem old, just the same ones that have been inspiring or pestering us for days and years, but actually each thought is a release of something utterly free and fresh. A thought may wear some of the clothes of past thoughts, but underneath there’s nothing that’s not new and ready to remake us. Our lives consist, most of all, of ever-changing ideas flaring up like ever-wavering flames, and the best approach to this wonder is not to work against it but to praise it. 

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