Sunday, December 16, 2012


     Like this somewhat rash and heedless world I live in, I am usually not particularly patient, and so a new gadget often frustrates me, and I fly through the directions, determined to learn how to use it as speedily as possible. I customarily end up completely confused, and the gadget often ends up dusty and unused on a shelf.  Since I was not patient enough to slowly study and master the directions, I missed out on an opportunity to appreciate what was probably a useful new tool. However, I occasionally surprise myself, as I recall doing several years ago when I stoically and resignedly studied a new cell phone. I sat at my desk and scrutinized the directions step by step, analyzing each one and then testing it on the phone. I did my very best with those directions for perhaps forty-five full minutes, surely some kind of record for me. I guess I was determined to come to a complete understanding of how the phone worked – and I did. I started using the phone later that same day with ease and confidence, assertively pushing buttons and calling various people just for the pleasure of praising myself for staying patient in a world that seemingly works hard at being hasty and reckless.

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