Sunday, December 30, 2012


Last night some enormous snowflakes started falling around suppertime, and it seemed to me like goodness falling in my life. I have no idea where snow comes from or how it’s made, nor do I know where the great goodness I get as a gift each day comes from, but I know it descends on me with strength and quietness moment by moment. Like the snowflakes that let themselves down with lightness on homes and lawns last night, goodwill glides unceasingly down to me. The snowfall was substantial but also easygoing, like the light but pervasive fall of kindliness I feel always around me. Sure, there are things in my life that I wish were different, like the broken parts of the pavement on our street, but the fall of snow last night easily erased the flaws in the street, and the dense and steady fall of goodness into my life effortlessly overpowers any discomforts. The street last night still had its flaws, but the loveliness of the snow outshone them and made them minor and trifling, just as the unceasing signs of graciousness and tenderness in my life let all things, even the sorrows, unobtrusively but persistently shine.  

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