Friday, December 21, 2012


     The wise scholars who saw a strange, solitary star in the sky and sought to follow it are somewhat similar to this still somewhat unwise senior citizen who tries his best to see before him the solitary star called the present moment. It’s always there, shining with a sunniness that can’t me equaled, the single moment in my life that lights all things with the power of the universe and prepares a perfect way for me to live, if only I would notice it. Other lights are also there, of course, the worries that flash and flicker for my attention, but the single light of this present moment has the power to make all other lights soften and disperse. It’s all there is, really. It rises before me, second after surprising second, day after day, and brings with it all the satisfaction I could possibly need. I live my life in unceasing starlight, the constant sparkle of the present moment. Sadly, I’m afraid I miss most of it. 

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