Wednesday, November 21, 2012


   I always tell my students to check the credibility of sources they use for research papers, but I often find amusement in seeing the absolute incredibility of almost everything around me. It’s incredible, to me, that I can type these words – that my fingers find the right keys to create sentences on the screen. It’s incredible that I’m sitting in  this lovely house on the Mystic River on this newborn morning in November – me, a newly married senior-citizen with thoughts like lightning bolts and feelings that flow from far away to far away. It’s more than incredible that my heart makes blood move through my body to freshen my life moment by moment, and that my lungs lift and fall with reliability all by themselves. I sometimes don’t believe anyof this. How can it happen that this hand can hold the hand of such a distinguished person as my wife, and that our spoken words can work together to make music? Can it possibly be true that, at 71, I’m setting forth on an adventure with a woman made like a miracle?   

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