Sunday, November 18, 2012


     Sometimes, like all of us, I get stuck in some situation, facing an obstruction of one sort or another, and what I need to know is that, rather than struggling against the obstacle, I can simply go elsewhere. It sounds so simple, and it truly is. There are countless elsewheres all around, dozens on all sides, and it just takes a decision to do something different, drive down a new road, maybe reverse direction, maybe make a whole new plan. I need to be always prepared to make one of the myriad elsewheres my new destination – always prepared to point down a new track and take off for a new destination. There are elsewheres everywhere, as numerous as stars, as easy to find as leaves in autumn yards. I just have to be humble enough to know when to turn from a planned objective and toward some of the millions of other miracles I could set my sights on. They’re everywhere, these elsewheres, these secret finish lines just waiting for me to search and find them.

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