Monday, November 05, 2012


     I recall my father often saying, as we sailed his small sailboat on the lakes of Missouri, “Prepare to give way”, and I sometimes think of that approach to sailing -- and living -- as I look ahead in the morning to a new day. What Dad meant was that we should be ready to remain a bit behind if bigger boats are sailing alongside us, and I need to recall that advice as I set out each morning to make my way in the wide waters of another day. I need to appreciate the importance of following instead of always surging ahead. There are bigger boats than little me in this vast life, and I should stay back sometimes and study their techniques, and let them lead me along in their wise ways. The universe itself shows me special trails to take, new roads to turn onto, fresh ways to find truths, and all I need to do, quite often, is simply give way and follow. It’s a fine way to sail, and live – just allowing the powers of this inexhaustible universe to go before me and offer their always-good directions. 

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