Thursday, November 08, 2012


Written 5/8/2008
Revised 11/8/2012

     This morning I became discouraged because of the sleepiness I couldn’t seem to shake off, but then it occurred to me that the Universe surely never feels that way – and I am part of the universe. If I looked out at the ocean on a day of shifting winds and waves and saw what appeared to be a separate wave that, very briefly, was smaller than the others, would I say that wave was “discouraged”? If I noticed that the wind was blowing strongly at one end of the street but only a soft breeze was blowing past my house, would that mean the soft breeze was feeling "dispirited"? If I was standing beside a river and observed that the current moved more slowly near some debris, would I say the water in that part of the river was dismayed and downhearted? The Universe is an immense creation, and every part of it has a job to do at any particular moment – a job that blends in beautifully with the endless number of other jobs. No action of the universe is good or bad, sprightly or drowsy. It just is. When I awoke this morning, I put a label on the situation, an old habit of mine. I called it “sleepy” when I should have just called it “not wanting to get out of bed”. Some breezes blow softly, and some people rise in the morning in a slow and shaky manner. It’s not bad or good. It’s just the way this mystifying and flashy Universe works.

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