Friday, September 07, 2012


     Each of my students and I keep a secret treasure hidden in our hearts. It’s grander than the great treasures of antiquity, more precious than pearls, just as spectacular as a sky at sunrise. We carry it with us everywhere, and it sits in its shining silence in the midst of us in English class. It’s a treasure many of us have lost sight of, or perhaps have never seen or recognized or understood -- the treasure of our own thoughts and feelings. No one who has ever lived has carried a fortune of feelings quite like ours, and no thoughts in all of history have sparkled like ours do. Each of us -- my insecure, unprecedented young students and their hesitant, silver-haired instructor -- holds thoughts and feelings that could carry the world in their currents, could create a new day every moment. We are walking and sitting and sleeping treasure chests. When class starts, I see the wealth waiting in the room, and it’s dazzling.

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