Sunday, August 05, 2012

Yesterday, our families and a few close friends helped Delycia and I celebrate our marriage (which had officially happened on Wednesday). It was a sizzling and somewhat stifling day weather-wise, but where friendship and kindness were concerned, it came as close to perfection as possible. We gathered in the shade of Jaimie's lovely yard, down by the dark forest that I grew fond of when I lived with Jaimie and the kids, and the ceremony was simple, graceful, and -- for us --somewhat spellbinding. We stood before our family and friends in a sort of smiling trance, trying our best to seem like sensible adults, while feeling, I think, a little like lightheaded, shaky 20-somethings. For us, it was a day of both quiet comradeship and winsome reverie as we floated off on our brand-new cloud. It was a joy to join with those whom we love as we set forth on our somewhat breathtaking adventure.

(Note: Click here to read the wonderful toast offered by Peter Liffiton, and click here to log in and see the Shutterfly pictures already uploaded.)

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