Thursday, August 30, 2012


     In the midst of an occasional tedious day in the classroom, it does me good to give some thought to the wonders that are working their charms.  For instance, there are my students and I, each of us a wonder of mushrooming, promising life – each of us more loaded with glories than a sunrise. There are atoms in us as old as the Big Bang, bringing billions of years of wisdom to our young and old bodies. In every boy and girl and their threadbare, tumbledown teacher, there are cells beyond measure making miracles every moment. There’s blood that transports strength second by second, and lungs that lift and fall without fail. Then there’s what’s around us – the air that’s been blowing across the world for centuries and happens to pass our way during class, and the sunshine that shares its softness with us whether we flourish or fail in our learning and teaching tasks. We do our English work, whether tiresome or stirring, in the midst of major miracles. Days may seem tedious, but wondrous things are waiting for us to see them.

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