Monday, July 02, 2012

Yesterday was a magical day with little Louie, our newest (10 months old) grandchild. In the morning, Delycia and I met Annie and Louie and Jan at the Stonington beach for a few hours of breezes and sunshine and comradeship and many laughs at Louie's charming baby behaviors. He is a mystical lad from somewhere far off, and we all feel fortunate to have him with us (and for many, many years to come). He giggled and cooed and cowed us all with his lively tugs and pushes and grabs and grunts and smiles. Annie and I found a few moments to swim out to the dock and talk things over under the blue sky, and then swam back to be with the plump and portly center of our lives. 

Later, Annie came to Burrows Street with Louie, and we all lounged in the speckled shade in the backyard, feeling a peace we feel lucky to have. 

Fearsome thunder and lightning around six -- some of the most ferocious bangs I've heard. The lights flickered, went out, then came on again, and the evening evened out to a cooler and clearing one, and we two best friends found beauty in it. 

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