Friday, July 20, 2012

Surviving the heat in St. Louis! We flew yesterday into 100+ temperatures, and have been braving it all by keeping ourselves inside in air-conditioned places (which is almost every place). Dinner last night with brother Al and Mary Anne in a Greek cafe, then early to bed in our refreshingly cool hotel room beside the airport.

This morning we took a delightful walk in Forest Park in surprisingly cool temperatures. We both enjoyed the various views in this loveliest of city parks -- hilltops terraced with fully-tended flower gardens, small streams loaded with lily blossoms, and the many man-made paths for walkers and riders. Breakfast with Susie and Kent at a quaint cafe in the Central West End, then three of my brothers and I brought our family memories to a lunch at Schlafley's beer garden in Maplewood. Dinner tonight with Pete and BeBe.

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