Friday, July 06, 2012

Last night we took a picnic down to the beach again, and stretched out in our chairs to take in the lovely late afternoon and evening scene. The sky, as usual, was especially interesting as it switched slowly from brightness to various soft shades of mostly blues, grays, and pinks. We noticed a haze rising from the surf beside the sand up and down the beach, almost to the point where it concealed the people somewhat, as if a  strange summer fog had flowed in from somewhere.

For supper he had turkey-brie-and-raspberry mayonnaise sandwiches, with chubby cherries on the side. Afterwards, Delycia walked the beach for about thirty minutes, and I stood to dry my suit off from swimming in the surf and read some pages from The Sea Around us. 

Earlier in the day, we took a fairly punishing bike ride along the shore from Mystic to Groton Long Point and back. It was hot and the roads were hilly, so we were happy to get home into the shade of the front porch and some glasses of cold, reviving water.

Today (Friday) we enjoyed our weekly walk with friends along the already warm sand at Napatree Point. A dear friend from long ago, Katie, joined us with her partner Laura, and it was wonderful to catch up with Katie as we walked easily along. The morning beach was at its serene and brightly-colored best. Later, I had lunch with Carol and Dave on the patio beside the river at The Bridge. The breeze was just what anyone needs, and the conversation was as gracious as it gets.

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