Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Delycia's morning glories on the deck
We've enjoyed the last few days back home from our trip to St. Louis. The weather has worked its way around to cool nights and not-so-hot days, allowing us to take some fine walks and bike rides. Just today, in the early morning mild air, we rode out to Watch Hill, working ourselves as hard as possible, especially on the long rise beside the river and the cemetery. We finished with a filling, flavorful breakfast at a cafe beside dozens of boats resting on the river.

Last night, we sat in the park for a fairly impressive performance of Macbeth, put on by Westerly's Granite Theater. It was a lovely night with only a spray of clouds and a few stars across the sky, and a pleasant breeze passing along now and then. The play had some powerful moments, but mostly it was just nice to sit with Delycia and hundreds of others in a happy summer setting on a what seemed like a flawless evening.

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