Saturday, July 28, 2012

As I'm typing this, a steady, soaking rain is relieving all of Mystic, and maybe places all around us. It started fairly forcefully just as I put some pork steaks on the grill, so going in and out to see about the steaks was a wet affair. Now the rain is simply a steady shower, soaking the impoverished grass and all green things.

The Mystic River
This morning we took an early bike ride, right along the shining river and out across the country roads we now know so well. Delycia drove herself hard all the way, and again, I had to give everything just to keep up. She rode like winds blow and rivers run. I was bent over and breathing hard when we reached the house, but I'm sure she could have climbed a few more hills on that yellow, good-looking bike of hers.

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