Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A day off yesterday from far-off trips and notable events.

In the morning we drove to school and spent a few hours painting the front side of the middle school building. Fortunately we were in the shade, so it turned out to be fairly stress-free work. Delycia worked in her usual well-organzed way, and I kept pace as well as possible. Now and then a friend would stop to talk, giving us a respite, and I enjoyed several breaks for big drinks of ice water from the thermos. Delycia, though, kept sweeping the brush back and forth, laying the brown paint on with proficiency.

After supper, we drove down to the park by the river to listen to the weekly band concert. The late sun was bright for a while, but soon the sunset started, and cool air came to us from the river as we listened to the horns and winds working through their songs.

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