Friday, June 29, 2012

Yesterday we took a strong and long walk on East Beach under the bluest of skies. The crowds were just gathering around 10:00, but we quickly found ourselves almost alone as we walked. I dropped down now and then for 17 push-ups at a time (great for me), and occasionally I trudged through the soft sand near the dunes, just to keep the heart pumping hard.

Later in the afternoon, we rode our bikes down to the Seaport, and before we knew it, we had purchased a grandparents season pass for $90.00. It gives me pleasure to picture us walking with Noah, Josh, Ava, Ilinka, and Louie through the grounds of the 1870's village, pointing out the strange sights and stopping now and then for a special treat.

A cool evening. Delycia fixed a superb dinner (the wilted lettuce salad was extra special) and we watched the PBS News Hour as a way of easing into the end of a fine day.

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