Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yesterday we spent a lovely few hours in Brooklyn (CT) with Jaimie, Ava, and Noah. It was the best of weathers -- bright and breezy and cool -- and it was the best of times for Delycia and me. First, Delycia and Ava stood at the counter (Ava on a stool) and made fruit salad for dinner, while Noah and I had fun drawing and coloring pictures of the "Salsich Resort", complete with pool, hot tub, and slide. Noah smiled and laughed almost constantly. Next, we went outside and I started the grill for burgers and buns, and we continued playing with the kids -- Delycia and Ava working on a perplexing, 3-dimensional puzzle, and Noah and I supplying special touches to the "resort" drawing. The peace of Jaimie's place in the woods was all around us.

Dinner was around the table in the dining area, and such fun it was! There was fine food carefully prepared, and friendship without limits. How lucky we all felt!

In the evening, back home, Delycia and I watched, on our new bigTV screen, a recent British show about Merlin and Arthur -- not a total winner but a wonderful way to slip toward sleep.

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