Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This morning, sitting on the couch with quiet sunshine all around us from the windows to the east, we made some specific plans for our wedding. We went over the ceremony -- the order of events, the words to be spoken, the hopes we have for the happiness of the day for everyone present. As we talked, it was almost as if we were working out the well-being of the rest of our lives as we set down the details of this  single special day in August.

The Mystic River
In the evening, we took our folding chairs down to the grassy park on the Mystic River and listened to some splendid band music. It was a lovely late-spring evening, with light waves of clouds across the sky and a softly-lit sunset. The music, we both thought, was exceptional. This was just a small community band from the Mystic-Noank area, but they surely knew how to make music together. Delycia and I were in a little heaven as we listened. Nearby, three children had heaven for themselves, too, as they danced and pranced around their mother, who listened to the music on a blanket at the center of her spirited family.

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