Thursday, June 21, 2012

The hot weather arrived yesterday, quite suddenly. By 10:00 a.m., the air was sultry and steaming, and by early afternoon, all we could do was sit on the porch and pretend to be cooled by the occasional breeze. Last night we slept fairly well, though, with a fan turned on high and oscillating so some air was constantly passing across our bed.

In the morning, we took a special, behind-the-scenes tour the Seaport, as a way of preparing some of us teachers for next year's emphasis on the sea and whaling. We received an overflow of fascinating information, just a small sampling of what's available to students. After the first hour I was weary with so many words spoken so fast, which was good luck, because it allowed to fully realize how tired my students get when I give them too many spoken sentences one after the other.

In the evening, we enjoyed supper at Jim and Ann's, with Dan and Li and Angela. The grilled sausage was juicy and tasty with some special hot mustard, and the blueberry dessert was delicious.

Early to bed, with the softly moving air from the fan and just a sheet covering us.

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